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We sell Limited and Unlimited Registrations

Our Goldens are Registered with AKC, American Kennel Club

If you are interested in  a puppy.  Please call me at 507-351-8510  or email me at .

Once  you decide to move forward with getting a mnenglishgolden, We will email you  the contract  or you can download Contract above and send to us. For you to sign the contract and sending  your 500.00  non-refundable.  Pick of the litter is by the order deposits come in the mail.  We take pictures as new borns, starting at

2 1/2 wks of age .  Then pic post on our website on New Pups or Available Pups page.  Full payment is due for your puppy at 4wks of age for personal checks, or Cashier check or cash day of pick up.  You choose your puppy at 8 wks of age.  Starting with the 1st pick families and go in order of the deposits received. It is important that you be available that day or make prior arrangements as you pick 1st, 2nd, 3rd choice,  we can choose for you, if necessary. Puppy Days is where you pick out your puppy the same day your puppy can go home Puppies go to their forever new homes at 8 wks of age.   All families are very excited on “ Pick Your Puppy Day.”

and families that have later picks are anxiously awaiting their turn.  We try very hard to keep the  picking process moving quickly.


The agreement is made this day of _________________ 20___ by and between

___________________, breeder and __________________________ Buyer(s) .

All deposits are non-refundable.  You pick in order you are on the list.   Full payment is made at 8 wks of age when you pick out your puppy.  Then you can pick up your puppy

between 8 weeks of age.  We occasionally keep puppies until 9 weeks of age.

Breeder’s Guarantee:

At this time of sale, breeder guarantees that puppy has had proper care, has been Vet checked, is healthy, sound, and current on all vaccinations, up to date on deworming. Vet records will be furnished at time of purchase.  Buyer agrees to have puppy examined by a licensed veterinarian of their choice within 72 hours of receiving the puppy.  Breeder is not responsible if puppy contracts a communicable disease after 72 hrs leaving breeder’s possession. 

Puppies are sold under spay/neuter contacts.  We recommend doing this at 7 months of age for females and 8 months of age for males. No litters can be produced by this dog.   After your pup is spay/neutered you will then get your AKC registration papers.  If puppy is not spay/neutered at age above then breeder has the right to pick up puppy with no refund.   We do this to help control the pet population and also to protect our lines.  Buyer is not to register the puppy under any other Pet Registry, other than American Kennel Club (AKC).  Puppy is sold on Limited Registration.

Breeder guarantee 1 Full year with written documentation from two qualified veterinarians (one be the OFA examiner and veterinary ophthalmologists, the animal may be returned to Breeder for a  replacement puppy (If available) within 12 months for defects of crippling genetic hip dysplasia requiring surgery or euthanasia from OFA reading.  Breeder must receive copies of OFA forms. Any replacements are made on the condition that the dog covered by this contract has been spayed or neutered and we receive a veterinary certificates of verification.  This contract is null and void if this dog become obese or underfed at anytime.  Keep your dog within 5 pounds of weight chart that has been giving to you from breeder.  Or evidence of neglect or abuse, injuries, evidence of strenuous exercise-no treadmill, no steady joggling down the road,  no jumping, no flight of stairs, no long steady  mile walks before 1 yr of age, when long walks stop often, no excessive tennis ball chasing specially on slippery floors or wet grass, best exercise is swimming, or not keeping your dog on premium quality dog food, or if this dog has ben bred, this contract is null and void.  Any legal action for whatever reason would take place in the state and county of the residence of seller.  

Buyer’s Signature:____________________________ Date;________

Buyer’s Print Name ____________________________________________

Buyer’s Address:__________________________________________________________

Buyer’s Phone # and email address:___________________________________________

Breeder’s Signature:_______________________________Date:_______

Breeder’s Address:________________________________________________________

Pup Contract
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        Puppies sold with limited registration cannot be shown in the conformation ring, but can participate in agility events, hunt trials, obedience, therapy work, Service  or any other AKC sanctioned event.


      Puppies sold with Full registration can show in all events and have breeding rights.  There is an additional cost for Full Registration.


       Full purchase price Puppies come with collar or leash, a small bag of dog food.

  Physical examination by a licensed Veterinarian, a record of Health, vaccinations, deworming, Full 1 year Health Guarantee.  Puppy Introduce training to make  transition easier at their new home.  Receive a  list of commands, weight chart for each month.  Puppy is freshly bath before you pick up your puppy.  Puppies are kept current on vaccinations and deworming until they leave our family.


      Each litter is priced individually since we offer a variety of combinations.   Please contact us for current pricing.   Which can change depending lineage of litter, gender and color etc.


       To get on a waiting list to purchase a puppy from a current or future litter, a deposit of $500.00 is required. This deposit is not refundable.  Pick of the litter is by the order of deposits come in.

Our litters sell fast due to demand and limited amount of litters each year!  Recommend early reservation.

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  Golden Food

We ship at buyer’s expense for puppy 8 to 12 wks anywhere in the US .

We accept cash, wired, money orders, certified checks, personal checks.

If paid by personal check, please allow 4 wks for check to clear before scheduling pick up or delivery date.

This payment option is only for those individuals that I have spoke to and have approved a puppy to be adopted by them.

Thank You & Blessings--

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